Sunday, January 15, 2017

Traveling together

And so the journey continues... and what better time that the summer Christmas holidays. A time we throw everything into the van and head off with family and animals to a beach front location. At last a holiday option our dogs can join... this means, not only their company, but it saves on kennel fees... And they LOVE it.


Introducing Sami (black) and Kahlua (cream) - poodle chihuahuas (non shedding which helps). Ideal size for a camper van. Kahlua knows the blanket on the floor is a great place to sleep. Sami will forever sleep at/on my feet. They are both up and excited as the sun rises - peering out the window and watching the world go by. They prefer that the van is parked, and sleepy, and just the four of us... a moving diesel van, with all its contents, is still immensely unnerving. So more trips will need to be had for them to get used to the uncertainty of that. Any tips and tricks for traveling with our mutts are welcome.

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